Training Schedule

Practical Training is an approved Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Certified school. We have been certifying students since 2004. My 2 hour certification class is designed to provide insight into the state laws sellers and servers are REQUIRED to obey.

  • TABC certification SHOULD BE certified by a professional instructor with your best interest in mind.
  • Practical Training believes that “shortcuts and alternate types of the training process” is not the best choice for students.

Well trained and certified employees have your best interest in mind. My class is able to inform your best asset (your employee) of the need to be responsible to the general public and to protect your business .

My Practical Instruction gives students real scenarios, current Texas TABC Laws and requirements, and question and answer discussion.

Only 2 hours of your life every 2 years is a small price to pay for knowing the most up to date information in this business.

Classes held on

Mondays   @     10am     and    6pm

Thuradays @     10am    and      1pm

  •  Classes held at 117 Howard St in San Angelo and cost $20.00 per person Drop ins welcome/No reservation required


Texas Alcoholic Beverage Certification